This episode goes over the exciting final rounds of play in the Coppa Italia, as well as the news of Micah Christenson’s recent surgery. there is also a recap of the matches that took place in each of the major leagues of volleyball (Italy, Poland, Russia, and Brazil).


  1. I enjoy each of your podcast and looking forward to podcast with Volleyball Source every week!
    Btw Fakel’s opposite player Udrys is from Belarus, not Hungarian.

  2. Osmany Juantorena said TWO lost finals ago that he was sick of coming in second, but from what I understand fans are more okay with this latest defeat because the team showed they are at the same level with Perugia. I think that’s true, although Perugia did not play their best match on Sunday.
    On Modena’s side the feeling here in Italy is they are lagging far behind the other three teams, and Velasco is repeating over and over again that they will try to fill the gap in time for playoffs, but no one thinks they can go past the semis (which they will play against Perugia if the standings remain as they are now).

    • Yes the final game was extremely close and could have gone either way, I think this year’s Lube team has a little extra juice. And even before the season, you could see that Modena’s roster was not as strong as the others of the big 4, and all the injury problems have not helped. Unless they sign a Kubiak or something from Italy, I would consider this season a writeoff.

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