In this episode of the FiveOne Volleyball podcast, I share with you my scouting reports of over 25 of the most elite prospects in men’s volleyball right now. There are future stars from Canada, Poland, Italy, Iran, Ukraine, and more. Subscribe to the FiveOne volleyball podcast for the most in-depth coverage & analysis of pro volleyball.


  1. Thank you for the great episode! I really enjoyed!
    I would like to recommend one Bulgarian promising guy who is referred as “Next Kaziyski”, Asparuh Asparuhov. He is born in 2001, and now playing Bulgarian team “Montana Volley” and also leading scorer in the team now. He was supposed to play at Szczecin in PlusLiga this season, but unfortunately he left the team due to Szczecin’s financial problem, then went back Montana Volley. Last year (2017/2018 season), Montana Volley participated in CEV challenge Cup, Asparuhov and Russian prospects, Klets and Abaev played together in Montana Volley last season.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely have a look at his play. I hope he lands on a good club for next season. Between him, Parapunov, and Atanasov, Bulgaria has a bright future

  2. Germany have 2 (a bit younger) guys, revelations from last U20 ECH, Linus Weber (opposite) and Anton Brehme (middle), who is very similar to Kochanowski.

    I guess Janikowski could be easily ranked at similar level to Kozub. Another big name from Poland will be de Oliveira, but he was born in 2001, so his time will come in a year or two.

    • I have watched Weber and Janikowski, but not de Oliveira or Brehme yet. Thanks for the recommendations I will definitely watch some footage.

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