My thoughts on surprisingly entertaining quarterfinal round of Champions League volleyball, where for a brief moment in time Trefl Gdansk looked like the best team volleyball has ever seen. Also predictions on the quarterfinals matchups between Kazan-Perugia and Skra-Lube. I go over the best players of the Polish Plusliga, and reminisce on what was one of the weirder seasons in the league’s history. The FiveOne Volleyball podcast is the best place on the internet to keep up to date with volleyball news and storylines. Take it from me, Dan, the guy who probably watches the most volleyball on the planet.


  1. Better late than never, I almost forgot to listen to you podcast.

    About Trefl vs Zenit, Muzaj was great, but I feel like you missed fantastic performance by Schott, especially in Russia. 18 points (only 8 less than Muzaj), fantastic reception (only 1 error, 77% positive, 46% perfect), 2 aces, 1 block, good spiking (15/26, 58% kills, just 2 errors and 1 blocked) and scored the most breakpoints (8) for his team.

    I don’t think Resovia is better than Radom/Zawiercie at the moment, Resovia wouldn’t be a threat to any top team in play-offs.

    Differences between my team of the season and yours are interesting. You chose Rossard and Muzaj, while I didn’t even consider picking them for my 1st team (Rossard didn’t even make 2nd), I went with Kurek and Lyneel. I’m shocked you rate Kampa so highly this season, he doesn’t play the best season. Without Lyneel Jastrzębski would be around Resovia in table. Also, Żaliński? He was rather inconsistent, a lot of errors (especially reception) and it is not even his best season (2015/2016 with Lozano), so I’m surprised you chose him and not Ebadipour, Kwolek or maybe Śliwka. Funny how you went the opposite way I did with 2nd setter and libero. I was pretty close to doing the same way you did.

    There are rumours about Onico offering 2,5 mln zloty (around 600k euros) and 3 years long contract to Kurek, so he might stay in Poland.

    About Kochanowski. You mentioned he could play as an opposite. You were pretty close, he used to want to play as an outside in past. But when he went to Spała, coaches made him middle and then he became really successful, so there was no point trying to change positions.

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