This format of this episode is a mailbag, where I ask questions posed to me by fans on my instagram page @fiveonevb and answer them right here on the podcast. Topics on today’s episode include predicting the champions league playoffs, Wilfredo Leon on the Polish national team this summer, and the top outside hitter pairs in pro volleyball. I also include the standard pro volleyball recap, which includes the winners, losers, and performances of the weekend. I hope you enjoy this format and if you want your question answered on the podcast, follow and ask it on @fiveonevb!


  1. Man, it’s so sad to listen to this after seeing Perugia lose to Kazan.
    By the way, how do you think Kazan will fare next year, without Anderson and Verbov?
    Here in Italy they are taking Sokolov’s move to Russia as a done deal.

    • Oh I bet. I thought we were at least going to get a golden set 🙁 Anderson is a great player, but I think his production is replaceable if they got Sokolov and move Mikhaylov to outside. Verbov will be the tough one to lose because you saw how hard it was to break their passing line this season. There aren’t any other Russian liberos on his level.

  2. It’s going to be interesting for Russia as well, being without Verbov. Their Olympic qualifier seems pretty easy, but I can’t wait for Eurovolley.

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