The semifinals in both the Polish & Italian volleyball leagues have started, and they started off with a bang. Blistering 5-setters took place between Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle and Zawricie in Poland, and Lube Civitanova and Trentino in Italy. And Atanasijevic’s absence was not felt as much as we expected. Also, a couple of transfers to go over, including a confirmed Tsvetan Sokolov to Kazan, and a rumoured Ivan Zaytsev to Italy. The FiveOne Volleyball podcast is the best place on the internet to keep up to date with volleyball news and storylines. Take it from me, Dan, the guy who probably watches the most volleyball on the planet. 


  1. I read an interview yesterday with Volkov saying that he’s staying put, Kliuka it’s not as clear.
    in 2020 Ngapeth will 100% go back to Modena, so it’s going to be interesting to see if Kazan’ decides to go with one of them then. Volkov seems super loyal to Fakel, though.

    I think Lube wants to play with Simón and Bieniek as starters, if so they will absolutely need an Italian opposite, and Zaytsev seems to be the only alternative. There aren’t any others who are at the level Lube needs.

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