One of the big 4 leagues is finally over! Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle defeats Onico Warszawa 3-0 to claim the Plusliga 2019-2019 title, although they had many fortuitous breaks along the way. I also discuss the big playoff matches in other volleyball leagues around the world (including the NCAA), as well as a couple of transfers that took place over the weekend. The FiveOne Volleyball podcast is the best place on the internet to keep up to date with volleyball news, results, and storylines. Take it from me, Dan, the guy who probably watches the most volleyball on the planet.

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  1. Lucchetta is unbearable. He’s super harsh with players all the time, verging on the offensive, and his way of commenting the games is very self centered, speding half the time making jokes or talking about himself.
    He’s been doing that with León a lot and lately has taken to making many, many comments about how much León earns (kind of implying that he doesn’t deserve it because Perugia doesn’t win all the time and he’s not perfect all the time) and he also seems bitter about the fact that he’ll play with Poland, for some reason…?
    I think León was not at his most graceful in that interview, but there’s a history of Lucchetta rubbing people the wrong way. Last year he was so insulting to Zaytsev that Zaytsev stopped doing interviews with him for a while.

    I’m really happy for Fakel, I feel like this huge accomplishment will bring some improvements to the roster, and hopefully both Shoji and Kljuka will stay.

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