In this episode, I discuss the unexpected results of the nations league final 6 in Chicago. Attending the games in person, I got an in-depth appreciation for the high level of play, as well as an up-close look at the matchups between 4 elite teams. Russia’s size and serving won in the end, but Poland was the darling of the tournament with a bronze finish playing with their “B” team. Brazil & USA came short this time, but both teams learned lessons for the rest of the summer. The FiveOne Volleyball podcast is the best place on the internet to keep up to date with volleyball news, results, and storylines. Take it from me, Dan, the guy who probably watches the most volleyball on the planet. For even more pro volleyball content, check out 


  1. Another excellent podcast!!!!
    Nice to see you give recognition to role of coaching, often overlooked by many.
    Poor serving has been the cause of many losses (and wins, I suppose), but it seems
    to me that there are times it might be more advantageous to get the the serve in
    than to go for an ace and lose the point, game , whatever. (Just my naive rambling.)
    I like the addition of the theme music. Nice touch.

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