In this podcast, I examine the offseasons of the major teams participating in the Russian and Brazilian superleagues. I review the major transactions, potential future lineups, and major questions facing each contender in both leagues. Both leagues saw dynasties (Zenit Kazan & Sada Cruzeiro respectively) dethroned and the competition for the title in the upcoming season is fierce. The FiveOne Volleyball podcast is the best place on the internet to keep up to date with volleyball news, results, and storylines. Take it from me, Dan, the guy who probably watches the most volleyball on the planet.

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  1. hi dan, im a brazilian volleyball fan and as you´ve said its really hard to get information on the superliga. so im going to try to fill you up a bit as i watched virtually every game that envolved the top four teams. so im going to start with taubate, one thing you forgot to mention was lipe´s arrival on the team, and for a very different reason, this season is going to be lipe´s version of the farewell tour, since his first pro club was taubate he wants to end it there aswell, there is no confirmation that this will be his last year but everyone is pretty sure its one os his last years, another thing with taubate is their setter situation, i dont really know if you are familiar with rapha (the setter) he played with trentino and won 2 champions leagues with them, so nedless to say he has very good hands, defenitly at the same level if not better than uriarte, so the mais loss will be on blocking and serving, but either way on most of the games rapha was the starter over uriarte. uriarte tho was a huge contribuitor off the bench and on double subs. the sesi institution is governmentaly funded so they have a no foreign policy, wich means they are counting on a victor cardoso breakout,like they did with alan souza, who went wallace´s backup on sada cruzeiro to a superstar out of nowhere (liteally his first season starting, 2017-2018 he was the leading scorer on a finals team). last season victor was a more than capable spiker but a terrible passer so maybe he and lucas loh will fit in fine, although he is no lipe, sesi also signed sidao, since they cant sign foreign players, wich will be a huge blow on their defensive system since gustavo was a 7´1 blocking on the cruzeiro and sesc rj situation, the thing with flavio beign set will not be a problem since the 2010 world chapiom setter marlon will be going from minas to sesc with him, wich will be one of the biggest upgrades in sesc, thiaguinho was ok be his skill level is not close to marlon´s even though he is approaching his 40´s , marlon also has an undeabily better connection to flavio(than the national team guys ), mainly beacause he has been setting flavio for close to 4 or 5 years now . about cruzeiro filipe wasnt really starting anymore, he was more of passing/leadership sub for rodriguinho.i woud give sesc a positive grade on the offseason specially taking on account that penchev kinda sucked last leason, he was unplayable for passing reasons and his offense was mediocre and inconsistent they added a couple of argentinian outsides that caught their attention on the south american championships, so maybe they will fill in for penchev underwhelming season to say the least. i would be a little more hopeful on the sesc situation considering mauricio borges is now completely recovered from injury, i think their title sucess will depend on the middles and wallace carrying the big offensive loads.i think thats all for today lol, the text is a bit messy but i think you´ll be able to understand it, keep up the good work.
    -felipe ,from Brazil

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