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Video – Best Players of the Polish Volleyball League 2018-2019

Now that the most recent season of the Polish volleyball league is wrapped up, I have chosen my “dream team” for the season. The league is extremely competitive, with a passionate fanbase, and some of the best players from many prominent national teams compete in the league. In this video, I select the best 7 players in the Plusliga for the 2018-2019 season, as well as their runner-ups.

Polish Plusliga 0

Plusliga Round 15 Recap

By Adanoos The Plusliga is back after a break due to EuroVolley 2019 qualifiers. Teams had some time to practice, heal any injuries and play some friendlies. But some important and interesting things happen during this break, so I will start with that. First, we had our yearly voting for the best Polish athlete of 2018 and volleyball dominated. 2 […]