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Podcast 2

Sokolov to Kazan, Polish & Italian League Semifinals – Pro Volleyball Recap

The semifinals in both the Polish & Italian volleyball leagues have started, and they started off with a bang. Blistering 5-setters took place between Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle and Zawricie in Poland, and Lube Civitanova and Trentino in Italy. And Atanasijevic’s absence was not felt as much as we expected. Also, a couple of transfers to go over, including a confirmed Tsvetan […]

Champions League 0

Podcast – Champions League Semifinal Recap and Finals Preview

The semifinals of the volleyball champions league are behind us, and while it may not have been the battle we thought it would be, there is certainly still lots to talk about. In this podcast, I discuss the semifinals matches between Perugia/Kazan and Lube/Skra. I also look ahead to the superfinals taking place in Berlin between Lube and Kazan, by looking back at the last two epic matches in which these two played each other. There was also an incredible 39 point performance by Paola Egonu, who will represent Novara against her future team Imoco on the Women’s champions league superfinals.

Polish Plusliga 0

Video – Best Players of the Polish Volleyball League 2018-2019

Now that the most recent season of the Polish volleyball league is wrapped up, I have chosen my “dream team” for the season. The league is extremely competitive, with a passionate fanbase, and some of the best players from many prominent national teams compete in the league. In this video, I select the best 7 players in the Plusliga for the 2018-2019 season, as well as their runner-ups.

Podcast 0

Podcast – FiveOne Mailbag #3

This episode is a format where I ask questions posed to me by fans on my instagram page @fiveonevb. These topics include who my favourite coaches are, whether volleyball will ever become mainstream, and a couple of fun ones. I hope you enjoy this format and if you want your question answered on the podcast, ask it on @fiveonevb every other Wednesday!

Podcast 0

Podcast – Skra Season – Pro Volleyball Recap

Lots of teams are making their playoff push this week, but none have done it more successfully than Skra Belchatow of the Polish PlusLiga. Dan from FiveOne Volleyball breaks down the winners, losers, best performers, and biggest news from this week in pro volleyball. A huge serving performance from Ivan Zaytsev, a big upset in Turkey, and some lopsided Champions League matchups are just some of the topics covered in this episode.